Meet my Trainer

June 7, 2017

The road to being fit is bumpy and hard as hell! I gave up long time ago with obsessing over the idea of attaining the perfect body. I came to realize that idea was false. What was important however, was making a commitment to myself to treat the only body I have kindly. What that means is different for every individual, but for me it meant a lifestyle change. The change wasn’t easy, it began with a very strict and targeted work-out plan,The 28 Day Challenge by Robert Brace. Then it continued with dedication and a constant reminder not to hit the snooze button when my first alarm goes off at 4:45am!

The journey is tough and continuous but I found some tools to help me along the way. One of those is the The 28 Day Challenge by Robert Brace. It was important for me to find a routine.