Fashion Insider: Eitan Braham

April 26, 2017

Eitan Braham

So I recently decided to look at people within the industry who are at the  top of their game. Naturally my first interview would be with my partner in crime Eitan Braham. I have worked with Eitan for over eight years from PROJECT to now LIBERTY. What can I say this man is a unique individual with so much drive and passion for what he does it makes it easy to work together.

Meet Eitan Braham

1) Who’s your style Icon Past & Present?


My Grandfather. He had incredible style, I’ve been goink through some old pictures of him from the late 1930’s and it is one of my favorite things. The best one’s are from when he was at University studying to be a Doctor in London. Also, the pictures from when he was wearing his officer’s  uniform serving in the British Army during WWII are incredible. Absolutely impeccable. So much of today’s design draws from traditional navy, army and air force issued garments.

Present –

Tom Waits. He proves that style is about how you wear something more than what you wear. Style is inherent and very personal, if you are lucky you find it sooner rather tHan later.

2) What’s your favorite thing in your closet?

An Indigo Dyed Chore Coat from Knickerbocker MFG Co.

3) What’s your silent escape?

Airplane mode.

4) What do you love about what you do?

There are many things to love about what I do.

One of my favorite things is that there is no monotony whatsoever. I can honestly say that in the last four years not one week or one season resembled another. It keeps me on my toes. Any given time I can find myself in a different corner of the world speaking to someone interesting who’s created something amazing. I am in a very unique position where I am exposed to every facet of the Fashion industry. One day I find myself attending a runway show in Paris or Tokyo, another day I’m in New York in a designer’s studio reviewing next season’s collection, another day I can be checking out how garments are produced in a Factory in downtown Los Angeles or east London.    

Another thing is that it’s very gratifying is to see how an idea that sparked out of a casual conversation over dinner turns into reality at Liberty. Even more so if it ends up having a positive and significant impact on the industry. Having Liberty as a stage to execute our ideas is phenomenal.

Of course, the relationships that are built. The Menswear community is truly special and very communal. Meeting so many thousands of people over the years I was lucky enough to fortify strong professional relationships and very loving personal ones’ as well, some which I will keep for life.

The best part of what I do, is working with you. I am more than fortunate to work for someone like you. I’ve never met anyone in my life that is loved by so many and captures their affection almost instantly. You are a killer with a soft touch and a nurturing heart.

5) What was your greatest challenge in getting into the fashion industry?

The most challenging part was actually getting “in” the industry. To be good at what I do, it is extremely important to understand how every part of the fashion industry works. To do that, you have know who the key players in the industry are. Then, build the kind of trusting relationships and mutual respect that give you a glimpse behind the curtain of their operation. It’s a slow process, which never really ends and requires serious dedication. At some point, you’ve attended enough events, had enough meetings and spoke to enough people that without even realizing it, you are “in”, you are part of the group. It feels special to be part of such a supportive and fun community as the #Menswear community.    

6) We know NYC is the greatest city, but if you can pick another city in the world to work where would it be?

New York is number 1, no question. Otherwise, I wish Paris, Tokyo and Berlin could have a baby and I could work there. Even though Paris is the most beautiful and Berlin is the most fun, I would have to pick Tokyo. The way Menswear is approached in all aspects is unparalleled. They approach the process of creation with more patience, the attention to detail is greater, the importance of identity is crucial, and the notion of taking pride in your work is instilled deep in their culture which often reflects in very innovative designs that embodies the rich heritage of Japanese tradition. It is fascinating and inspiring. Not to mention the food is incredible.