Sharifa Murdock has arrived at the top of the fashion industry confidently and wearing this season’s most coveted shoes. A founding team member of Project, one of the industry’s contemporary fashion forums, Sharifa has maintained a strong grasp of industry trends and emerging brands. She is currently a founding partner, at Liberty Fairs where she concentrates on bringing new brands to life through the industry’s newest menswear showcase.

Sharifa’s roots in retail and fashion began as a teenager when she landed her first job at Atrium, a retailer owned by her mentor and now business partner Sam Ben­Avraham.

Following her degree in Fashion Merchandising and Buying from Wood Tobe Coburn, she went on to work for some of the most prestigious international fashion houses, such as Louis Vuitton, Donna Karan and Michael Kors.

Additionally, she founded “The Brooklyn Intern,” an organization that works closely with high school students to give them the opportunity to experience exclusive internships in the fashion industry. Sharifa is also on the board of directors for the 14+ Foundation, an initiative to construct schools in Africa. Most recently she has worked with African Health Now and Petals­N­Belles.

Sharifa’s work and personal style have been featured in top media outlets, such as, Elle, Essence, Redbook, Coveteur, and Instyle. When she’s not traveling the globe sourcing the next generation of menswear brands, Sharifa resides in Brooklyn with her husband Chef Leighton Murdock and continues to draw inspiration from everyone and everything around her


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